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Insurance Customer Service

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When policyholders contact their insurance provider, it’s because they need help. But with higher call volumes across the insurance sector, providing prompt service is difficult to do, let alone scale. That’s where intelligent virtual agents come in — by automating common requests, your human agents can focus on more pressing issues and deliver quality customer service.

Always-On Customer Support

Be there for your policyholders in their time of need — SmartAction’s intelligent virtual agents are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s submitting a claim, adding a dependent, or getting policy information, our conversational self-service makes navigating insurance processes a hassle-free experience.

ROI by the Numbers

Leading insurance providers achieve exceptional results with SmartAction’s conversational AI solution.

CSAT on par with live agents

Operational Cost Savings

Proven Use Cases for Insurance


Intelligent Front Door + Authentication

Answer every call with a “How can I help you today?” and authenticate policyholders with a virtual agent who excels at alphanumeric capture.


  • Capture customer intent in natural language
  • Authenticate caller through CRM or system of record integration
  • Route customer to appropriate live agent or contain through self-service

First Notice of Loss & Claim Submission

Help customers navigate the claim submission process with an intelligent virtual agent that gathers all the necessary information for FNOL reporting.

Claim Status

Enable policyholders to check the status of an open claim or get information on previously filed claims, anytime they want.


Proof of Insurance & Lienholder Verification

Whether it’s proof of coverage, an insurance card, or certificate of insurance, our virtual agents can help policyholders get necessary documentation, fast.


  • Verify lienholder information by answering a short series of questions
  • Provide proof of insurance via text, email, or mail

Policy & Account Management

Make it easy for policyholders to make changes to their policy, update account information, and get information on what’s covered.


  • Answer common policy-related questions
  • Update policyholder profile information
  • Make changes to an existing policy

Payment & Collections

Answer common billing inquiries, proactively notify policyholders about expiring coverage, and negotiate payment installations — all through your AI-powered virtual agent.


  • Make payment arrangements
  • Process payments through PCI-compliant protocols
  • Send proactive messages about upcoming payments over voice and SMS


Help customers find the next available appointment, and assist with scheduling for service repairs, office visits, and other engagements.


  • Schedule appointments through conversational self-service
  • Proactively send reminders about upcoming appointments
  • Assist with confirming, rescheduling, or canceling appointments

More Insurance Use Cases

Forms Request Icon

Forms Request

State Regulation Updates Icon

State Regulation Updates

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Office Locator

Why Consider Conversational AI for Insurance?

Deliver 24/7 Customer Support Icon

Deliver 24/7 Customer Support

Support your customers when they need it most — whenever they reach out to you. Since many insurance issues are time-sensitive, AI-powered virtual agents can address concerns immediately and at scale.

Fast-Track Routine Processes Icon

Fast-Track Routine Processes

Customers want immediate access to information and quick resolution — enable them to resolve basic issues and get the answers they need, with AI-powered self-service that is simple and intuitive to use.

Optimize Your Call Center Icon

Optimize Your Call Center

Let virtual agents handle the repetitive call types — whether it’s scheduling a repair or providing proof of insurance — and free-up live agents to handle more complex issues.

Proactively Engage Policyholders Icon

Proactively Engage Policyholders

Keep policyholders informed about matters they need to know — new state regulations, expiring coverage, upcoming appointments, and more.

81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative.

— Harvard Business Review

Intelligent Virtual Agents Powered by SmartAction

Advanced NLU Technology Icon

Advanced NLU Technology

Since speech recognition technology is never 100% right, SmartAction tailors its AI to match every response to the closest expected answer for the highest accuracy rate in insurance.

Dedicated CX Team Icon

Dedicated CX Team

Our team of CX experts manage your conversational AI solution in its entirety, from the design, build, to the ongoing operation of your virtual agent.

Conversational Interface Icon

Conversational Interface

Our intelligent virtual agents help customers resolve issues conversationally — there’s no need to navigate through complex phone menus or install new technology apps.

Omnichannel Experience Icon

Omnichannel Experience

Our virtual agents engage customers wherever they are, and maintain context of the conversation when switching across voice, chat, and SMS channels.

Data Science Services Icon

Data Science Services

We provide custom reporting with data-driven insights to measure call performance, improve the conversational experience, and ascertain ROI.

System Integrations Icon

System Integrations

SmartAction integrates with your CRM, payment gateway, and existing contact center infrastructure to provide your customers with end-to-end support.

Legal & General Grows to 1.3 Million Customers without Adding Contact Center Headcount

Major Home Insurance & Warranty Provider Reduces Operating Expenses by 47%


Kris Wong

Assistant VP Admin Services, Legal & General

“We’ve grown to 1.3 million customers but haven’t added a single headcount to our contact center.”

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