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Embark on the conversational AI journey with best-in-class AI tools and our specialized team of experts who support you at every step, for an experience that’s hassle-free for you and your customers.

From initial design to go-live and beyond, we make your conversational AI journey less hard.



First we lay the groundwork of your conversational AI solution by establishing business objectives and ROI. Once the project scope is defined, we architect your solution and build a custom demo (it’s free!) to provide a vision of the human-to-AI experience that’ll be on par with your best agent.

Smartaction Team Members

  • CX Consultant
  • Solutions Engineer 
  • Bot Builder


Next, expert conversation designers collaborate with you on conversation flows. We create a detailed schematic of the experience, and outline any handling rules and all the API calls required. For common uses cases in key verticals, pre-built designs simply need to be configured to your needs.

Smartaction Team Members

  • Conversation Designer
  • Project Manager


In Step 3, we build your virtual agent—customizing NLU engines to expected intents, adding application logic for each interaction, and integrating with your contact center, telephony system, and data sources.

SmartAction integrates with any CCaaS platform and telephony system via SIP or PSTN, in addition to the data sources and internal systems you use. 

Smartaction Team Members

  • Bot Builder
  • NLU Expert
  • Data Analyst
  • Developers
  • Telephony Engineer
  • Project Manager


Your virtual agent undergoes rigorous training to understand and process customer intents. The quality assurance team tests your solution to make initial optimizations to the bot and AI models before going live.

SmartAction Team Members

  • NLU Expert
  • QA Analyst


After go-live, the hypercare team takes over, handling all the fine-tuning and optimization to further train the AI models and improve the virtual agent’s performance.

But wait, there’s more – as part of our standard service, we continue with ongoing support and improvements to ensure smooth sailing for the entirety of your conversational AI journey.

Smartaction Team Members

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Bot Builder
  • NLU Expert
  • Developer

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