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Founded 20+ years ago, SmartAction has been a pioneer
in AI-driven customer service. 

Our journey from its early days, with its roots in a small apartment near Los Angeles, to becoming an industry leader in AI-powered virtual agents for customer service, is a story of innovation, adaptation, and growth. We have succeeded in creating powerful technology and CX services that deliver frictionless conversational AI experiences over voice, chat, and text, allowing clients to enhance their customer service capabilities significantly.

Discover world-class virtual agents driven by the unmatched synergy of NOVA, SmartAction’s modern agent design platform, coupled with our team of expert conversational designers. With our partnership, your business is equipped to deliver exceptional customer service that is as dynamic and adaptable as the market itself.

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Our Mission

We’re driven by a singular goal: To deliver the most exceptional, personalized automated experiences, crafting solutions that resonate with brands who share our profound love for their customers. We aim to redesign support that transcends the mundane, with an unwavering commitment to excellence by passionate and dedicated team members.

Our Vision

Reimagining the voice channel experience, our vision transcends the mere act of communication, crafting customer interactions so intuitive and fulfilling, pressing zero becomes a relic of the past. We’re dedicated to creating experiences where customers not only find what they need effortlessly but are also delighted by the journey.

Through pioneering AI technology, we’re setting new standards of service excellence, making every call an opportunity to impress and connect deeply. With us, customers won’t just avoid pressing zero; they’ll never want to, embracing a future where every interaction feels like a conversation with someone who truly understands.

Our Values

Quality Innovation

We are relentless innovators, pushing the boundaries of the AI industry. Our out-of-the-box thinking fuels revolutionary solutions that inspire progress and set new standards.

Steadfast Positivity

Creating positive relationships, experiences and outcomes for our clients and employees is one of our core pillars. We strive to uplift every interaction, fostering growth, success and happiness for all.

Genuine Grit

We embrace courage and dare to explore cutting-edge technologies to better serve others. Fear is no match for our curiosity as we boldly experiment to create exciting and new CX opportunities for brands who love their customers.

Empathic Concern

Our ability to understand and feel the pain points plaguing our employees, customers and their customers develops relationships that go beyond transactions, creating a network of interconnected well-being.

Tenacious Accountability

Every employee at SmartAction embodies an outcome driven mindset to complete their responsibilities on-time and is dedicated to communicating openly to ensure maximum satisfaction. Our commitment to our customer’s success runs deep.

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The History of SmartAction

SmartAction’s journey is a testament to innovation, vision, and the relentless pursuit of redefining customer experience (CX) through cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Founded in 2009 by the visionary entrepreneur and scientist Peter Voss, SmartAction sprang from a profound interest and passion in pursuing the advancement of Artificial General Intelligence.

Peter’s ambition wasn’t just to explore these fascinations but to replicate the intricate workings of human intelligence and behavior within AI. This led to the birth of SmartAction, a company that has since been at the forefront of AI-based voice self-service, evolving from its initial R&D-focused incarnation, A2I2, established in 2002. 

The story of SmartAction is one of continuous evolution and groundbreaking achievements, notably highlighted by the development of our proprietary Speech Recognition Engine for NLP and Parsing algorithms for NLU. At a time when both technologies were in their infancy, it exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI, enabling a deep understanding of intents and behaviors, and solidifying our reputation as pioneers in the field. 

The creation of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Conversational AI in conjunction with SmartAction further attests to our leadership and the transformative impact we’ve had on the industry. 

The narrative of SmartAction took a significant leap forward in 2023 with the introduction of NOVA – our Natural Omnichannel Virtual Agent platform. NOVA is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution in how virtual agents are designed, deployed, and optimized.

By slashing design time by 85%, NOVA represents an unprecedented acceleration in achieving ROI for our partners, embodying our commitment to efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in customer support. This powerful platform is the cornerstone upon which we craft seamless, high-quality customer interactions, leveraging both advanced AI technology and the expertise of our conversational designers. 

As we ushered in a new era under the leadership of CEO Kyle Johnson in November 2022, SmartAction is poised for further growth and innovation. Kyle Johnson, with his extensive experience 

and a keen focus on customer experience embodies our vision for the future – a future where complex virtual agent interactions and conversational intelligence solutions will set new standards in customer service. 

From our humble beginnings in a small apartment near Los Angeles to becoming an industry beacon, our path reflects a journey of adaptation, growth, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. With NOVA and our seasoned team of experts, we are reimagining the landscape of customer interactions, moving beyond the outdated “press zero” paradigm towards a future where AI-driven customer service is not just smart but also inherently human-like. 

Looking ahead, we’re not just aiming to keep pace; we’re driven to set the pace, continually innovating, and expanding our capabilities to transform CX for businesses across the globe.

Our story is far from over; it’s evolving, driven by a passion to grow, innovate, and redefine the very essence of customer service in the digital age. At SmartAction, we’re not just part of the conversation on the future of CX – we’re actively shaping it. 

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Most contact centers have an over-reliance on live agents for even the most repetitive and rudimentary calls and chats. With cloud-based virtual agents, you can automate conversations your live agents are handling today without sacrificing an ounce of CX.

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