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An AI-powered Virtual Agent With Accuracy and Agility

With SmartAction’s conversational AI technology tailored for automotive, essential vehicle information is captured with the highest degree of accuracy. By using advanced NLU techniques that pattern-match what a customer says against intents that are specific to the automotive sector, our virtual agents are able to understand and resolve your customers’ auto-related issues quickly and seamlessly.
In the real-world call, the stranded driver states his vehicle make and model, but the speech-to-text engine transcribes it as “Aboard to fifty truck.” SmartAction’s proprietary NLU catches the mistake and corrects it to what the caller intended, “Ford F-250 truck.”

ROI by the Numbers

Auto manufacturers and service providers achieve cost savings, a CSAT score on par with live agents, and high success on appointment confirmations by using SmartAction’s conversational AI solution.

cost per call savings


Proven Use Cases for Automotive

Intelligent Front Door & Authentication

Answer every call with a “How can I help you today?” to quickly determine customer intent and get customers where they need to go.


  • Capture customer intent in natural language
  • Authenticate caller & existing customers via APIs to your CRM, ERP, or other system of record
  • Add new customers including name, phone number, address, and the vehicle they drive
  • Route customer to appropriate live agent or contain through self-service

Service Scheduling for Auto Dealerships

Help customers find an available appointment that works for them for service scheduling, and send reminders via phone or SMS to reduce no-shows and cancellations.


  • Schedule service appointments through self-service
  • Outbound reminders through proactive voice and text messages
  • Assist with confirming, rescheduling, or canceling appointments


Automatically notify customers of vehicle recalls that have safety-related defects that need to be repaired.


  • Proactively send SMS or call customer to notify of recall
  • Assist with scheduling of service appointment to have recall repaired
  • Facilitate confirming, rescheduling, or canceling appointments

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Eliminate hold times during emergency situations with scalable and always available virtual agents.


  • Capture service and vehicle customer is driving
  • Leverage GPS location services through outbound SMS text messages to pinpoint exact location while remaining on ERS call
  • Find and dispatch nearest service or tow
  • Follow up with an ETA over voice or SMS

Rental Management

From changing reservation dates, to modifying pick-up and drop-off locations, even canceling altogether, enable your customers to reserve or manage their rental car reservations.


  • Assist with making, modifying aspects such as reservation dates, type of vehicle, pickup and drop off location, changing driver, or canceling reservations
  • Send automatic reminders about upcoming reservations

Why Conversational AI for Automotive?

Deliver 24/7 Customer Support Icon

Deliver 24/7 Customer Support

Provide after-hours support even if your business is closed for the day. AI-powered virtual agents can schedule service appointments, assist with recalls, provide emergency roadside assistance, and collect payments.

Optimize Your Service Center Icon

Optimize Your Service Center

Let virtual agents handle the repetitive call types. Free-up live agents to focus on calls in need of high empathy and a human to human touch.

Proactively Remind Customers Icon

Proactively Remind Customers

Send customers reminders about upcoming appointments, recommended maintenance, and other important information about their vehicle.

Virtual Agents Powered by SmartAction

Advanced NLU Technology Icon

Advanced NLU Technology

Since speech recognition technology is never 100% right, SmartAction tailors its AI to match every response to the closest expected answer for the highest accuracy rate in automotive.

Dedicated CX Team Icon

Dedicated CX Team

Our team of CX experts manage your conversational AI solution in its entirety, from the design, build, to the ongoing operation of your virtual agent.

Conversational Interface Icon

Conversational Interface

Our intelligent virtual agents help customers resolve issues conversationally — there’s no need to navigate through complex phone menus or install new technology apps.

Omnichannel Experience Icon

Omnichannel Experience

Our virtual agents engage customers wherever they are, and maintain context of the conversation when switching across voice, chat, and SMS channels.

Data Science Services Icon

Data Science Services

We provide custom reporting with data-driven insights to measure call performance, improve the conversational experience, and ascertain ROI.

System Integrations Icon

System Integrations

SmartAction integrates with your CRM, payment gateway, and existing contact center infrastructure to provide your customers with end-to-end support.

AAA, a Top 25 Most-Trusted Brand, Hands Their Most Precious CX to AI

Penske Drastically Reduces Customer No-Shows with AI Automation Strategy


Patty Kleinfeldt

Director of Q & E
AAA National

“We’ve been amazed to find out that speaking to a SmartAction virtual agent is as good as speaking to a live agent… at 1/3 of the cost.”

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