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AI Virtual Agents for Retail

The New Era of Retail

Consumers are embracing self-service technology for good reason — it’s fast, convenient, and easy to use. Retailers also benefit — implementing customer self-service offloads repetitive tasks from live agents at a fraction of the cost. As technology continues to change the retail landscape, and customers increasingly opt to control their shopping journey, brands that fail to modernize will inevitably get left behind.

Frictionless CX Starts Here

SmartAction helps top brands deliver stellar customer experiences by harnessing the power of conversational AI to automate repetitive interactions, from simple inquiries to complex transactions. By integrating with your existing contact center infrastructure, as well as your CRM, ERP, or other system of record, SmartAction’s intelligent virtual agents help your customers over voice, chat, and SMS for fast resolution without the wait.

ROI by the Numbers

With SmartAction’s intelligent virtual agent solution, retailers boost customer satisfaction scores while achieving an average of 66% cost per call savings.

Increase in CSAT

Reduction in AHT

Cost per call savings


Proven Use Cases for Retail


Intelligent Front Door

Don’t keep customers on hold; immediately answer every call in natural language with “How can I help you today?”


  • Capture customer intent in natural language
  • Authenticate caller via APIs to your CRM, ERP, or other system of record
  • Route customer to appropriate live agent or keep in self-service

Order & Account Management

Delight your customers with a virtual agent that’s always ready to help with orders and account updates.

Your customers can:

  • Track order status
  • Change delivery details
  • Return for a refund or exchange
  • Update account information
  • Rapid reorders

Product Registration & Warranty

Make it easy for customers to register products and help them stay up to date on product information, related services, and new offers.

Your customers can:

  • Register products over voice and chat
  • Check warranty status for replacement or support options

Rewards Management & Promotions

Drive sales with an intelligent virtual agent that helps customers manage their rewards and keeps them in the know about upcoming deals and reward program offers.


  • Check point balance and reward status
  • Activate new reward membership
  • Send outbound reminder on points expiration
  • Send deal notifications over SMS that trigger promo codes

Inbound Payments & Billing

Automate tasks that drive revenue with an intelligent virtual agent that helps customers with inbound payments and billing questions.


  • Answer common billing inquiries
  • Process payments through PCI-compliant protocols
  • Update credit card information or billing address

eBook: Retailer’s Starter Guide to Conversational AI

Why Consider Conversational AI for Retail?

Enhance the Customer Experience Icon

Enhance the Customer Experience

Reduce or eliminate hold time altogether — SmartAction’s intelligent virtual agents are ready to serve your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with responsive and personalized support.

Scale Seasonal Demands Icon

Scale Seasonal Demands

The holiday season accounts for approximately 27% of total yearly sales, making virtual agents the clear choice to manage high call volume and assist customers with common inquiries.

Help Customers Help Themselves Icon

Help Customers Help Themselves

Customers want immediate access to information and quick resolution — enable them to resolve basic issues and get the answers they need, with AI-powered self- service that is simple and intuitive to use.

Optimize Your Service Center Icon

Optimize Your Service Center

Let virtual agents handle the repetitive call types -- whether it’s an inquiry about how to return an item, track a shipment, or check the status of an order, and free up live agents to focus on higher value work.

81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative.

— Harvard Business Review

Virtual Retail Agents Powered by SmartAction

Advanced NLU Technology Icon

Advanced NLU Technology

Since speech recognition technology is never 100% right, SmartAction tailors its AI to match every response to the closest expected answer for the highest accuracy rate in retail.

Dedicated CX Team Icon

Dedicated CX Team

Our team of CX experts manage your conversational AI solution in its entirety, from the design, build, to the ongoing operation of your virtual agent.

Conversational Interface Icon

Conversational Interface

Our intelligent virtual agents help customers resolve issues conversationally — there’s no need to navigate through complex phone menus or install new technology apps.

Omnichannel Experience Icon

Omnichannel Experience

Our virtual agents engage customers wherever they are, and maintain context of the conversation when switching across voice, chat, and SMS channels.

Data Science Services Icon

Data Science Services

We provide custom reporting with data-driven insights to measure call performance, improve the conversational experience, and ascertain ROI.

System Integrations Icon

System Integrations

SmartAction integrates with your CRM, ERP, payment gateway, and existing contact center infrastructure to provide your customers with end-to-end support.

TechStyle Fashion Group Saves $1.1M a Year with AI-Powered Virtual Agents

DSW Improved their CSAT by 30% through Conversational AI

eCommerce Site Shares Journey to Conversational AI Virtual Agents

Purchasing Power improved their Net Promoter Score by 17%


Mike Gamez

GMS Member Solutions Manager

“Any benchmark we created has been easily surpassed. By partnering with SmartAction, we feel confident to say we are in good hands.”

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Most contact centers have an over-reliance on live agents for even the most repetitive and rudimentary calls and chats. With cloud-based virtual agents, you can automate conversations your live agents are handling today without sacrificing an ounce of CX.

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