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Transform your CX and bring self-service to your customers through automated virtual agents for all account management and membership inquiries.
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What Are Virtual Agents for Accounts Management & Memberships?

In today’s dynamic market, managing account details and membership services efficiently is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty. SmartAction’s AI-driven virtual agents revolutionize account management and membership services, offering personalized, responsive service around the clock.

Why Choose Our Virtual Agents?

Seamless Account Updates: Allow your customers to update account information effortlessly, anytime, anywhere. Our virtual agents handle requests for changes in personal details, preferences, and more with conversational ease.

Efficient Membership Management: From enrollment to renewals, our virtual agents streamline the entire membership lifecycle. Customers can manage their subscriptions, access benefits, and receive reminders for renewals without waiting on hold.

Personalized Service at Scale: Deliver tailored account insights and membership recommendations based on individual customer data. Our AI technology ensures each interaction is relevant, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

24/7 Support Without the Wait: Our virtual agents are always on, providing instant support for account and membership inquiries. Reduce wait times and elevate your customer service to meet expectations at any hour.

Types of Automated Account Management Self-Service Inquires

Account Authentication

Capture Mailing Info

Change/Update Personal Info

Create New Account

Credit Checks

Loyalty Rewards


Password/Pin Reset

Rewards Claiming

Skip the Month

What is the Customer Experience Like with a Virtual Agent?
  • Scenario 1: Account Authentication with Live Agent Transfer

    Bailey rarely reviews her utility bill because it is usually the same amount every month. But since it’s been so cold, she has been using her heat a lot more, so when the bill arrived to her email address this week, she took a closer look. She saw a few charges she didn’t recognize and decided to give the provider a call during her lunch break.

  • Scenario 2: Update Address

    Moving is exciting, but it can also be a hassle. Peter knows this first hand, as he recently moved and is going through the process of updating the shipping and billing address on all of his accounts. For most of the accounts, he makes updates online. But as he is walking around his new neighborhood with the dog, he remembers that he needs to update his address with his insurance company. Peter finds the company’s customer service number and calls while on his walk…

  • Scenario 3: Claiming Rewards

    Michelle was listening to the radio when she heard about a deal too good to pass up: switch wireless carriers and receive a $200 reward card. With her boyfriend’s birthday coming up, the extra money will help her buy a nice gift. She makes the switch in her local store, and on her way home, she calls to claim the reward card. When a virtual agent greets her, she is skeptical but decides to give it a try.

Which Accounts/Membership Challenges Do Virtual Agents Help You Address?
Virtual Agents Bots
  • Live agents handling tedious, repetitive, simple calls & chats
  • Reduce live agent handle times
  • Personalization to improve CX and streamline processes
  • Seamless integration with contact center platform, CRM, ERP, and other systems

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Sample Accounts/Membership Services Conversation
  • Virtual Agent

    Thanks for calling Viserion. I found an account tied to the number you’re calling from. Is this Jeremy Jones?

    Virtual agent is jacked-in to your customer data and offers personalized greetings based on caller ID.

  • Customer

    Yes it is.

    72% of customers expect you to know them when they call.

  • Virtual Agent

    Great. For security purposes, I need to verify your account. What is the zip code on your account?

    Account authentication can verify SSN, zip code, account number, or any other personal identification info you choose.

  • Customer

    Oh eight oh three nine.

    If a customer didn’t have this information, the virtual agent would ask for another piece of personal data for account verification.

  • Virtual Agent

    Thanks. How can I help you today?

    Natural language intent capture.

  • Customer

    I need to reset my password.

    The virtual agent is listening for one of several intents. The most routine call types will stay with the virtual agent while the rest will be transferred to agents.

  • Virtual Agent

    I can help you reset your password by sending you a text message with a link to our reset password page. Are you calling from a mobile number?

    Omnichannel integration allows the virtual agent to send texts while remaining on the phone with customers.

  • Customer


    If this was not a mobile number, the virtual agent would go down a different path based on that response.

  • Virtual Agent

    Got it. I will send the text now. Let me know when you receive the text and are ready to continue.

  • Customer

    Ok continue.

  • Virtual Agent

    Please click the link in the text message and follow the steps to reset your password. If you’re having trouble, call back and I’ll get you to a specialist who can offer further assistance. Is there anything else for today?

    If Jeremy called back, short-term memory within the AI helps the virtual agent recognize the number and offer a proactive greeting to get him immediate help.

  • Customer

    No, that should be it.

  • Virtual Agent

    Thanks for calling Viserion. Have a great day.

Integrations – Accounts/Membership Services

SmartAction integrates with every IVR, contact center platform, CRM, and payment gateway.

The most important integration for Billing is with your CRM.

Your IT team simply needs to expose APIs the SmartAction CX team, who will determine the best ways to connect to your data.


  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • NetSuite
  • Magento
  • Other Homegrown Systems

Contact Center/Telephony:

  • NICE inContact
  • Genesys
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Mitel
  • Other Legacy Systems
Why Automate Accounts/Membership Services Calls & Chats with SmartAction?
PROVEN: Industry-leading conversational AI for omnichannel self-service
SmartAction started as an AI research company and now has more than a decade in AI development. The core AI technology supports omnichannel self-service across hundreds of use cases. SmartAction customers automate in voice first, where the ROI is the greatest, then scale the same CX to chat and text. SmartAction is the only AI-powered self-service solution for customer service to be named “Gartner Cool Vendor,” the only company recognized by Frost & Sullivan as “The Leader in Self-Service,” and is currently the top-rated and most reviewed Virtual Customer Assistant solution on Gartner Peer Insights.
EASY: Outsource voice & chat automation for a human-centric CX without compromise
SmartAction delivers its proprietary conversational AI as a service through a team of CX experts rather than DIY software licenses. SmartAction’s CX team works for you day-in and day-out to improve performance until reaching perfection. You only need to assist our CX team with conversation design, data integrations, and unique business rules to set the virtual agent’s “guardrails.” This is how we keep our brand promise of delivering self-service automation without sacrificing an ounce of CX. Learn about implementation.
LOW RISK: Start small in 6-8 weeks and grow over time
Getting started with SmartAction couldn’t be easier or more affordable, with no large CapEx investment or professional services fees. Rather than rip-and-replace existing telephony investments, SmartAction augments your IVR with conversational AI for a nominal one-time setup fee and simple, pay-as-you-go usage pricing. There are no charges for upgrades or fees for making changes - the full suite of services from SmartAction’s CX team is included in the per-minute usage price. Organizations can start as small as they want to see how well customers interact with the system and realize the immediate ROI.

#1 Rated AI-Powered Virtual Agents for Contact Centers

5 Star Reviews

Most contact centers have an over-reliance on live agents for even the most repetitive and rudimentary calls and chats. With cloud-based virtual agents, you can automate conversations your live agents are handling today without sacrificing an ounce of CX.

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