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is Hypercare?

Hypercare is the golden period following your AI agent’s launch, a time when our most skilled minds unite to elevate your customer service to its zenith. Tailored from 2 to 6 months based on your specific needs, Hypercare is our pledge to you: a promise of relentless pursuit towards optimizing your virtual agents, driven by metrics, analysis, and an acute understanding of your unique landscape.

Unparalleled Oversight

Our approach is hands-on, with a blend of art and science. The moment you transition to Go-Live,  your Project Manager, Technical Account Manager (TAM), and our adept Support Staff engage this next phase. We’re there, from the initial smoke test to sharing the first call recordings, ensuring nothing less than excellence.

Meticulous Monitoring

Hypercare is about vigilance. It’s a continuous loop of monitoring, fine-tuning, and advancing your solution towards its best self. Our Technical Account Managers, together with our Support Team, embody this vigilant watch, turning data into actionable insights for your virtual agent’s peak performance.

Our Differentiator: The SmartAction Edge

Why does
Hypercare matter?

Because it’s our proactive commitment to you. Beyond troubleshooting, it’s about enhancement, refinement, and achieving sustained success. With SmartAction’s Hypercare, your journey towards excellence is a partnership, one where every step forward is a step towards redefining customer service through innovation.

Beyond Support,
We Offer Partnership

Unlike others, we don’t deploy and depart. Our service teams remain actively engaged, ensuring your AI solution doesn’t just work, but thrives. We promise an enduring partnership, crafted within the unique Hypercare model.

The NOVA Difference

Through NOVA, our platform enables real-time monitoring and adjustments, ensuring your virtual agents not only meet but exceed customer expectations. It’s this dedication to excellence, fueled by NOVA, that sets us apart in a world of AI-driven solutions.

Key Features of our Hypercare Program

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Proactive Support
We don’t wait for issues; we anticipate and act, ensuring smooth operations from day one.

2 (3)

Extended Care Duration
Our support extends well beyond industry standards, offering a tailored period of 2 to 6 months.

3 (3)

Collaborative Expertise
Our cross-functional teams ensure a seamless experience, combining technical prowess with a deep understanding of customer service excellence.

4 (3)

Real-Time Optimization
Leveraging NOVA for immediate insights and adjustments, we ensure your virtual agents are always at their best.

5 (1)

Dedicated TAMs
Your direct line to expertise and support, offering personalized attention and unparalleled service.

6 (1)

Data-Driven Insights
Our analytical reports provide a clear view of your progress and opportunities, empowering informed decisions.

7 (1)

Unmatched Passion
Our team’s dedication to your success sets us apart, driving us to achieve excellence in every interaction.

Coworkers with stacked hands at the office

Achieving Remarkable Results,

Our commitment to your success is mirrored in the results
of our Hypercare program. From heightened customer happiness
to a significant uplift in revenue, the achievements speak for themselves.
This journey of continuous improvement and partnership not only
strengthens your customer service capabilities but also solidifies
SmartAction as a leader in AI-driven solutions.

Ready to Elevate Your Customer Service?

Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence.
Let’s redefine what’s possible together.

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Most contact centers have an over-reliance on live agents for even the most repetitive and rudimentary calls and chats. With cloud-based virtual agents, you can automate conversations your live agents are handling today without sacrificing an ounce of CX.

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