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Automate scheduling, reminders, and more with a virtual agent that’s always ready to serve your customers.


Every Second Spent Waiting Increases Customer Unhappiness

Two-thirds of customers say the most important thing a company can do to provide good service is to value their time, yet they’re often left with outdated technology that impedes the customer’s experience when attempting to self-service issues. Now more than ever, customers want immediate self-service options that work instead of waiting on hold.

Keep Customers Satisfied With Agile Self-Service

SmartAction delivers customer-centric conversational AI with a focus on getting customers through the self-service journey with speed and convenience. Our intelligent virtual agents capture intent in natural language, authenticate, gather information or assess customer needs, schedule service appointments, and follow up with voice or text alerts.

ROI by the Numbers

Customer service providers achieve cost savings and a CSAT score on par with live agents by using SmartAction’s conversational AI solution.



Proven Use Cases for Service Providers


Intelligent Front Door + Authentication

Answer every call with “How can I help you today?” to quickly determine customer intent and help resolve common service inquiries.


  • Capture customer intent in natural language
  • Authenticate caller via APIs to your CRM, ERP, or system of record
  • Route customer to appropriate live agent or contain through self-service, depending on intent


Gather information and assess what a customer needs before scheduling an appointment or transferring to an agent.


  • Gather information
  • Assess the type of service a customer needs
  • Handle complex multi-turn conversations


Help customers find the best available appointment for them and assist with scheduling for service repairs, office visits, and other engagements.


  • Schedule appointments through conversational self-service
  • Proactively send ETA texts and text reminders about upcoming appointments
  • Assist with confirming, rescheduling, or canceling appointments

Payment & Collections

Collect payment for services with an AI-powered agent that automates inbound and outbound billing conversations.


  • Process payments through PCI-compliant protocols
  • Offer payment arrangement options
  • Proactively notify customers about upcoming or overdue payments

Scale Support with Conversational AI

Deliver 24/7 Customer Support Icon

Deliver 24/7 Customer Support

Provide after-hours support even if your business is closed for the day. AI-powered virtual agents can schedule appointments, collect payments, and troubleshoot common issues.

Optimize Your Call Center Icon

Optimize Your Service Center

Let virtual agents handle the repetitive call types like troubleshooting what a customer needs and scheduling while freeing up your live agents to focus on more complex tasks.

Proactively Engage Policyholders Icon

Proactively Remind Customers

Send outbound calls and texts to remind customers of upcoming service appointments and allow then to confirm, reschedule, or cancel through self-service methods.

Intelligent Virtual Agents Powered by SmartAction

Advanced NLU Technology Icon

Advanced NLU Technology

Since speech recognition technology is never 100% right, SmartAction tailors its AI to match every response to the closest expected answer for the highest accuracy rate.

Dedicated CX Team Icon

Dedicated CX Team

Our team of CX experts manage your conversational AI solution in its entirety, from the design, build, to the ongoing operation of your virtual agent.

Conversational Interface Icon

Conversational Interface

Our intelligent virtual agents help customers resolve issues conversationally — there’s no need to navigate through complex phone menus or install new technology apps.

Omnichannel Experience Icon

Omnichannel Experience

Our virtual agents engage customers wherever they are, and maintain context of the conversation when switching across voice, chat, and SMS channels.

Data Science Services Icon

Data Science Services

We provide custom reporting with data-driven insights to measure call performance, improve the conversational experience, and ascertain ROI.

System Integrations Icon

System Integrations

SmartAction integrates with your CRM, payment gateway, and existing contact center infrastructure to provide your customers with end-to-end support.

AAA & CAA Clubs Eliminated Customer Wait Times & Reduced Costs

Major Home Insurance & Warranty Provider Reduces Operating Expenses by 47%

Elizabeth Pfaff AAA

Elizabeth Pfaff

Roadside Services Program Manager, AAA

“SmartAction has improved customer satisfaction and provided a valuable 24/7 member benefit resource that is alleviating contact center traffic to live agents.”

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Most contact centers have an over-reliance on live agents for even the most repetitive and rudimentary calls and chats. With cloud-based virtual agents, you can automate conversations your live agents are handling today without sacrificing an ounce of CX.

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