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Why Choose NOVA?

NOVA (Natural Omnichannel Virtual Agent) platform isn’t just another CX automation tool. Its been specifically design to elevate your customer service beyond the conventional, marrying efficiency with empathy, all while being powered by the latest in AI technology. It’s not just a solution to today’s problem; it builds a better future by redefining customer engagement with us by your side as your partner. Making every interaction more meaningful, responsive, and efficient – the core of what we do.

  • Unparalleled Efficiency: Automate routine inquiries and free up your human agents for more complex issues.
  • 24/7 Availability & Self-Service: Ensure your customers have access to support whenever they need it, without delay.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate NOVA with your existing CRM and customer service platforms for a smooth connections and data flows.
  • Data Security: With compliance at its core, NOVA guarantees the protection of your customers’ information and you the flexibility to control the security at every layer.

Features that Set NOVA Apart

Intelligent Conversational Design:

Over 300 million voice conversations across 20 years of service has turned knowledge into power. Our experts are unmatched in this industry in conversational design.

24/7 Omnichannel Support:

74% of customers expect support to be available across voice, chat and SMS – so you need to be where you’re customers are. With NOVA, build agents to suit every channel and conversation you need. 

Friendly UI:

Using our drag-and-drop modules, pre-built steps, and more, building agile call flows is easy – meaning your agents go-live faster than ever. (85% faster to be exact!) Imagine trained agents in weeks, not months.

Enhanced Analytics and Insights:

Make informed decisions with access to comprehensive analytics detailing customer interactions, satisfaction levels, and agent performance.

Compliance & Security:

One-size-fits-all security can cause hiccups. Control your security and compliance across each level of your customer journey.

Platform Experience

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  • Omnichannel Support
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Pre-Built Steps
  • Agile Call Flows
  • Proactive Follow-ups
  • Accurate Routing
  • Intelligent Escalations (to live agents)
  • Accurate and Consistent
  • Instant Call Flow Updates
  • Friendly UI

With NOVA, personalized interactions are standard, empowering you to deliver a consistent message and unified brand experience across all touchpoints. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about crafting memorable experiences that resonate with customers long after the call ends. Transform your customer service into a strategic asset with NOVA and watch as satisfaction soars and loyalty deepens.

Our platform is the definition of customer-centric technology, designed to deliver a seamless, omnichannel support experience that meets your customers wherever they are, on any device or platform they prefer.

With NOVA, proactive follow-ups become the norm, not the exception, ensuring that your communications are timely and reduce no-shows, while simultaneously curbing customer frustration with reminders and updates.

On-demand message changes mean that your business stays agile, updating messages and options in real-time to reflect promotions, updates, or critical information, maintaining a pulse on relevancy and responsiveness.

It also excels in providing accurate call routing and intelligent escalations to live agents, ensuring zero wait time and that customers reach the right destination swiftly and smoothly. Whether a query is best resolved by an AI or requires the human touch, NOVA discerns and directs effortlessly.

Explore all the features that our platform has to offer, and see how NOVA might be the solution you’ve been looking for. 


With advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Processing (NLP), NOVA delivers true conversational interactions, making communications with customers as natural and intuitive as a chat with a friend. Enhanced by Natural Language Generation (NLG), NOVA crafts responses in real-time, reflecting the spontaneity of human conversation.

NOVA’s multilingual capabilities ensure your business reaches a diverse customer base, breaking down language barriers and opening up global markets.

During our application design phase, we’ll determine the specific data and fields required from your system. We’ll then assess your available APIs for compatibility and utility. In the absence of existing APIs, we’ll provide you with detailed specifications for the necessary data fields and formats to ensure seamless integration.

The platform’s REST API support and contact center-agnostic design mean integration into your existing systems is straightforward and simple, allowing for scalability as your business grows.

Whether you’re operating in one location or multiple, NOVA’s multi-tenant architecture ensures a consistent customer service experience across the board. Custom agent design and our proprietary intent capture methodology mean that virtual agents are tailored specifically for your business needs, enhancing interaction containment rates and reducing average handling times.

The clarity of crisp call recordings and accurate transcripts provided by NOVA allows for continuous review and optimization of your customer service operations. With these robust features, NOVA is not just a platform; it’s a transformative force, driving efficiency and connection in every customer interaction.


  • Proprietary Intent Capture Process
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Multi-Lingual
  • REST API Support
  • Contact Center Agnostic
  • Multi-Tenant Access
  • Omnichannel
  • Multi-Location
  • Instant Call Flow Updates
  • Crisp Call Recordings
  • Accurate Transcripts
  • Guard Rails



  • Hypercare
  • Designed by an Expert
  • Pre-Built/Out-of-the-Box Solutions
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Data Safety and Privacy
  • QA and UAT Testing
  • On-Demand & Dashboard Reporting
  • Security & Compliance
  • Guard Rails

NOVA coupled with SmartAction’s service suite is the culmination of expert design and technology, delivering pre-built solutions right out of the box that are ready to revolutionize your customer service from day one. Created by specialists in the field, NOVA requires no internal expertise to operate, allowing you to trust the proficiency behind its construction.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring and 99.9% uptime, backed by robust data safety and privacy protocols that mean your services are always on, always secure, and always compliant.

Our thorough QA and UAT testing processes ensure that your transition to NOVA is smooth, your go-live is flawless, and the service delivered is impeccable.

Our on-demand and dashboard reporting capabilities offer a window into your operations, providing real-time insights into the KPIs that matter most. Track success, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions with ease. With NOVA, you’re not just implementing a service platform; you’re enhancing your ability to deliver excellence consistently, monitor progress, and demonstrate value to every stakeholder.

Transform your customer experience with NOVA and SmartAction – the smart solution for enterprises aiming for the pinnacle of performance and customer satisfaction.

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AI data security

Security & Compliance

Protecting your most critical data while upholding global compliance standards

At SmartAction, we prioritize the security and compliance of your data above all else. Our commitment to safeguarding your customer information is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from the design of our data centers to our stringent compliance measures.

  • Security by Design
  • Low-Risk Approach
  • Control at Multiple Levels
  • Strict Compliance Measures

Enhanced with Hypercare:
Our Commitment to Your Success

The journey doesn’t end at deployment with NOVA; it’s just beginning. Our unique Hypercare process ensures that your transition to AI-driven customer service is seamless, effective, and continually optimized for success.

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Dedicated Post-Deployment Support

Following the launch of NOVA, our Hypercare team steps in to monitor, analyze, and fine-tune your virtual agents. This dedicated support period ranges from 2 to 6 months, tailored to the complexity and scale of your implementation.

Benefit from the strategic guidance of our Hypercare team, who offer insights into best practices and recommendations for leveraging NOVA’s full potential within your specific operational context.

Partnership for Peak Performance

Hypercare means we’re not just reacting to issues; we’re anticipating them. With the expertise of our Technical Account Managers and Support Team, any potential hiccups are addressed promptly, ensuring uninterrupted service and stellar customer experiences.

Implementing updates or changes to your system is hassle-free, with our team ensuring every transition is smooth and without disruption to your services.

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Proactive Optimization

We don’t just aim for operational success; we measure it, using key performance indicators to demonstrate the tangible benefits of your NOVA implementation.

Our commitment extends beyond immediate post-launch support, helping you plan for the future with strategic roadmaps for the continued evolution of your customer service capabilities.

With NOVA and Hypercare, you’re not just adopting a leading AI platform; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your continuous growth and success in customer service.


Aarde Cosseboom

Director of GMS Technology

“Our customers love our advanced self-service capabilities over voice and chat, and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership.”

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