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Fast & Easy Automated Self-Service for Customers in Need

In the realm of emergency roadside assistance, the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major ordeal can hinge on the speed and quality of the assistance provided. With our advanced platform and conversation experts we bring you the future of emergency roadside assistance: virtual agents designed to offer seamless, swift, and satisfying support, 24/7.

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Why SmartAction for Emergency Roadside Services?

Leading Call Center Automation: A New Era of Roadside Assistance

At the forefront of call center automation, we are transforming how auto clubs support their members during those critical moments on the road. Our advanced AI doesn’t just mimic human interaction; it delivers self-service solutions with an unprecedented level of efficiency and understanding. From flat tire repairs to lockout assistance and towing, our virtual agents handle the most common roadside requests with ease and precision.

But we don’t stop at initial requests. In an industry where timing and updates are crucial, our solution excels by working seamlessly with service providers, offering real-time cancellation notices and ETA updates. This means not only faster resolution times but also enhanced communication that keeps everyone informed and at ease.

Customized Solutions for Real-world Scenarios

Our commitment to redefining emergency roadside services extends beyond automation. It’s about providing a tailored experience that anticipates needs and offers solutions before the member even has to ask. With SmartAction, auto clubs are not just deploying technology; they’re embracing a partner that understands the nuances of roadside assistance and the importance of swift, reliable service.

Proven Impact: Elevating Member Satisfaction

Our work with industry leaders like AAA exemplifies our ability to elevate service standards. By integrating our AI with their existing services, we’ve helped streamline operations and significantly improve member satisfaction. It’s not just about solving the problem at hand; it’s about ensuring each member feels supported and valued throughout their experience.

Phone_Emergency Roadside Assistance
AI Allows Call Centers to Meet Customer Self-Service Needs During Peak Times

Meet peak demand during extreme weather days and heavy travel times

Decrease costs for roadside service requests with call center automation

Decrease Cost-Per-Call for roadside service requests

Call Center Automation Reduces Gone-on-Arrival Expenses for Roadside Assistance Requests

Reduce “Gone-on-Arrival” expenses

Automating Customer Self-Service Means Faster More Accurate Roadside Assistance

Offer faster, more accurate service

Locate Customers with Accurate GPS for Roadside Assistance Dispatch

Achieve pinpoint location accuracy with GPS capabilities

How Roadside Assistance solutions are being used today

Auto Club

For the largest auto club in North America, AI-powered self-service interacts directly with digital dispatch systems to deploy tow truck drivers to members’ locations without ever involving a live agent. This eliminated queues and long wait times.


The roadside assistance club for dozens of insurance and rental agencies needed an efficient method for assigning service providers to stranded motorists. Intelligent voice automation collects service provider info, passes along motorist data, and provides ETA updates.

Call Center AI Roadside Assistance Client AAA
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