SmartAction FAQ

About SmartAction and Call Center AI

1. What size companies does SmartAction work with?

We work with Enterprise clients and regional leaders. But if you have a contact center, let’s talk!

2. Will we need to rip & replace our existing technology?

No – we like to say, “If you are happy with your current customer service technology, keep it. If you still have a contact center, then we can help!” Our omnichannel solutions integrate with and extend beyond basic IVR, chatbots, and other traditional systems, so you do not need to start from scratch when you work with SmartAction.

3. What makes it artificial intelligence?

All solutions run on a centralized AI “brain.” Most of the core understanding and handling is built into the “brain” and we layer custom applications on top. In addition, the “brain” has the ability to continually learn as more conversations are handled, and has both short and long term memory, allowing it to recognize customers and recall facts from previous conversations to provide a truly effortless experience.

4. What makes SmartAction different?

Three things:
1. Our Technology: Our AI “brain” core has been evolving since 2002. The entire solution was built from the ground up, including our proprietary speech recognition. We offer the only omnichannel conversational AI platform on the market.
2. Our Business Model: We operate with a SaaS model, delivering Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service.
3. Our Approach: We focus on business problems and understand the choices clients have around technology. We work collaboratively to deliver ROI. When we deliver applications, we first configure the solution in voice, then deploy it in any combination of chat, SMS text, and social media, avoiding disparate implementations for voice and digital channels.

5. Which industries does SmartAction serve?

Any industry that relies on customer service currently handled by customer service agents. We are industry leaders in Roadside Assistance, Life Sciences, Travel & Hospitality, and Retail. For a complete list, use the Industries dropdown in the top navigation bar.

6. What types of solutions are available?

There are eight different solutions that SmartAction specializes in, which you can view in detail on our Solutions page. Many of the complex, repetitive tasks that customer service reps usually handle are represented in those eight solutions. There are also more customized, industry-specific solutions we offer, as well. Every solution we deliver is available in all channels – voice, chat, SMS text, and social media – so you can deliver an omnichannel experience to your customers.

7. How long does a solution take to implement?

For a single application, it takes about 4-6 weeks, from contract signature to first live conversation. Seriously!

8. How does SmartAction provide support to clients?

We offer Platinum Level, 24/7/365 support to all clients at no additional cost.

9. How do we connect the SmartAction solution to our contact center?

It is cloud-based so integration is easy and secure. We have several straightforward connection options.

10. How much does a SmartAction solution cost?

That depends! To implement the solution, it costs less than two full time agents for the year. After that, we charge for usage – as usage goes up, rates go down. But that’s it! Everything else is included: Platinum Level Support, application enhancements, ongoing tuning and QA, maintenance, Quarterly Business Reviews, and upgrades to the core AI technology. You will also meet weekly with our dedicated Customer Success team.

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