Omni-bot – Omnichannel Customer Service

Making it Easy for Your Customers to Self-Serve
Omni-bot Intelligent Self-Service

SmartAction’s unique Omni-bot is a conversational AI solution that automates simple and complex repetitive tasks that agents handle today in voice, chat, and text. Applications are first built in voice, then immediately scale to digital channels for a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience. Omni-bot uses 100% Natural Language to give customers the self-service experience they expect and your brand the ROI you have been after.

Omnichannel Service

Omnichannel Service

Easy-to-use, AI-powered virtual assistant solution that is built in voice, then immediately scales to digital channels

Transaction Based

Transaction Based

Better than a knowledgebase chatbot because it handles customer-centric transactions like payments, order returns, authentication, and more

Service, Not Software

Service, Not Software

Low-risk service model significantly reduces IT effort, costs, and frustration

AI   Agent

AI + Agent

Our AI agents handle the repetitive conversations and boring data-gathering with live agent failover so every call & chat completes successfully

Omni-bot Features



Artificial Intelligence

  • Automate conversations never before possible—conversations that only agents
    were having

  • Once configured in voice, deploy fast in message-based channels

  • No need to train multiple AI engines

Cloud-Based Platform

  • Scales with peak demand

  • Minimal IT resources and time commitment

100% Natural Language

  • Reduces customer effort by accurately recognizing speech or text and
    understanding meaning and intent

  • Limits agent involvement by dynamically responding with personalized, context-relevant, accurate answers


  • Handles knowledge base questions and dynamic, complex transactions that follow (i.e. knowing return policy and processing subsequent return)

  • Offer consistent experience across all channels including voice

Agent Access

  • Mimics IVR best practices

  • Connect customers to agents for out of scope inquiries

  • Eliminate customer need to switch channels

  • Arm agents with relevant data from conversation to deliver an effort free experience

Intuitive AI

  • Meets customers in their message-based channel of choice

  • Enables both mobile and desktop engagements

Dynamic Media

  • Carousel displays multiple images or products for easy selection

  • Streamline ordering and scheduling processes

  • Enhance in-chat user experience

Integrates with Systems Already in Place

  • Requires significantly less IT effort, only exposing data

  • Provides personalized experiences for each customer

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#1 Rated AI-Powered Virtual Agents for Contact Centers

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Most contact centers have an over-reliance on live agents for even the most repetitive and rudimentary calls and chats. With cloud-based virtual agents, you can automate conversations your live agents are handling today without sacrificing an ounce of CX.

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