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Conversational AI is more than a product. It’s an iterative process that requires care and feeding.

What We Do

Our process is to start in voice where the ROI is the greatest then scale the application digitally to chat or text.


We design a custom solution for your brand based on your business requirements matched with our best practices.


We develop your AI-Powered Virtual Agent and integrate it with your existing data systems & telephony.


We adopt a process of perpetual improvement where we work as an extension of your team.


Who Does It

Every Virtual Agent we build is backed by the SmartAction CX Team. We understand how hard it is to architect AI automation and perfect it over time. We have curated and developed a team of experts across seven CX disciplines who are supported by best-of-breed SmartAction AI engineers.

Meet Our CX Team

Meet a few members of the SmartAction CX Team and learn more about the different roles involved in creating the most human-centric conversational AI experience possible.

CharlesCX Consultant

Digs into your business needs to identify if and where the best opportunity exists for conversational AI self-service.

1. AI Automation Assessment

Step 1

Charles examines your top call drivers, conversation flows, unique handling rules, and volumes to identify the perfect fit for AI automation

TrentSolutions Expert

Architects solutions then maps the expected reduction in live agent handle time to a ROI, so scope and savings are in full view prior to any commitment.

2. Solutioning &

Step 2

Trent crafts conversational AI solutions for maximum contact center deflection without compromising an ounce of CX.

YowtingProject Manager

Aligns all resources (CX Design, Engineering, IT, QA) to get solutions deployed efficiently and effectively.

3. Project Management

Step 3

In addition to aligning SmartAction resources, Yowting collaborates with your stakeholders on client dependencies. She closely reports on timeline and status of milestones.

MarkCX Design

Acts as a human experience activist by designing conversation flows that are simple, fast, and effortless.

4. CX Design & Strategy

Step 4

Mark represents the customer, and aims to design a human-to-machine interface that feels invisible to the user.


Develops solutions leveraging industry best practices, reuseable components, and proprietary technologies to meet client-specific needs.

5. Software

Step 5

David engineers and integrates the Virtual Agent for every new SmartAction client.

RyanQuality Assurance (QA)

Exhaustively tests each customer application to ensure optimal user experience.

6. Quality

Step 6

Ryan is closely connected to the Project Manager and Engineering for application testing. He also works closely with the Customer Insights Manager for all ongoing tuning.

EliCustomer Insights

Performs ongoing monitoring and analysis of call outcomes and caller behavior to improve the application and CX until reaching perfection.

7. Analytics &

Step 7

Eli jumps in once applications “go live” to perform analysis on call data and call recordings. At any point there are live agent transfers or hangups, there is close inspection as to why.

MarilynCustomer Success

Works closely with your team to ensure the solution meets and exceeds your goals with regular and detailed reporting.

8. Client

Step 8

Marilyn takes a data-driven approach to demonstrate the value of the solution to key stakeholders, ongoing ROI, and progress on the solution roadmap.

Our Services

Why We Do It

We’re on a mission to make it painless for brands to deliver frictionless conversational AI experiences. See what our clients say about how we take care of their most precious assets – their customers.


Tiffany Anderson

Director, CX Process/Initiatives

“I think everyone is beginning to learn that building a bot is easy, but building a good one is hard. And that’s especially true when it comes to the voice channel.”

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Most contact centers have an over-reliance on live agents for even the most repetitive and rudimentary calls and chats. With cloud-based virtual agents, you can automate conversations your live agents are handling today without sacrificing an ounce of CX.

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