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Major Hotel and Casino Operator Eliminates 600k Minutes from Live Agents in One Year


As one of the largest casino operators on the strip—with 27 of Las Vegas’ most prominent hotels and casinos—it’s no surprise their centralized contact center handles massive amounts of call volume. To eliminate hold times and free up agents to focus on revenue-generating interactions, SmartAction stepped in to provide an intelligent front door that understands customer intent in natural language and automatically route calls to the right agent.

Success by the Numbers

success rate on natural language routing
minutes eliminated from live agents per year
major Vegas hotel saves money with SmartAction voice agent ai technology


As customer self-service rates continue to rise, the company expected that call volumes would fall. However, inbound call volume continued to grow, and human agents spent too much time on non-revenue generating calls. The problem made staffing enormously complex, especially when major boxing matches or events could skyrocket short-term demand.

To route customers to the correct destination, the company relied on live agents to answer all incoming calls and transfer customers to the right place – which could be dozens of destinations within the massive organization. Excessive hold times resulted in a bad customer experience, so the company knew it needed to leverage conversational AI automation to route customers effectively. Any misrouted call would lead to frustration and missed revenue opportunities, making the customer experience a top priority for improvement.

major Vegas hotel saves money with SmartAction voice agent ai technology


The company partnered with SmartAction to develop an AI virtual agent for an intelligent front door that answers inbound calls with customers with “How can I help you?” The AI virtual agent then routes the customer to the right agent in the correct department. SmartAction developed and deployed the solution in only seven weeks.

major Vegas hotel saves thousands on live agents with SmartAction voice agent ai technology


As a result, the AI virtual agent routes their customers to the correct destination at a 95% success rate. Moreover, hold times are an inconvenience of the past with the implementation of their virtual agent. Since the virtual agent routes so effectively giving customers a great customer experience, the organization saves their live agents more than 600,000 minutes a year. 

We’ve actually seen results north of where we thought they were going to be, so we’re happy with the direction we are going.
Senior Vice President, Customer Care

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