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Major Communications Provider Resolves Customer Payment Issues with AI Virtual Agents


Our client, a major communications provider, has been a leading supplier of high-speed internet, cable, and phone services for over 70 years. In that time, they’ve acquired more than 15 businesses, greatly expanding their contact center. As a result, they needed to find a way to streamline customers’ payment inquiries through self-service AI virtual agents.

Fidelity increases CSAT score through AI virtual agents


Since 1940, they have been committed to bringing the latest technology and services to the communities it serves. The company currently provides high-speed internet, cable television, and phone services to residential and business customers in the midwest.

As the company grew and acquired more than 15 businesses along the way, they began to experience issues handling payments in an expedient manner. They sought to find a solution that would enable their customers to easily self-serve payment-related tasks.



According to John Walburn, Vice President of Customer Care, “One of the reasons we came to SmartAction was because it gave us the ability to talk to the customer about the fees and add those fees automatically. No one had to get any intervention in, so it’s a 100% total solution for us.”

As an end-to-end conversational AI solution, SmartAction manages the AI virtual agent lifecycle in its entirety, from the conversation design, to implementation, and after launch by providing continuous optimization. Walburn states, “We didn’t get involved at all; it was fantastic actually. It was quick and very easy for us.”

Tim Harpe
It gave us the ability to talk to the customer about the fees and add those fees automatically. No one had to get any intervention in, so it's a 100% total solution for us.
John Walburn, Vice President of Customer Care
tv cable Fidelity increases csat score with ai virtual agents


After going live with the AI virtual agent, customers embraced the solution for its ease of use. Not having to wait in line provided an additional bonus. According to Walburn, for some customers, all they want to do is make a payment. They don’t need to speak to anyone, and they can get that transaction done in less than two minutes.

By partnering with SmartAction, they also received an additional bonus — with a quick customer survey at the end of each automated interaction, they achieved great CSAT scores!

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