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A whole new way to engage your customers using text-to-speech (TTS) technology.


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Customize Your Brand’s Voice with TTS

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a new feature in the SmartAction solution that converts your virtual agent’s responses to lifelike speech. We’re excited to upgrade qualifying applications to the latest TTS capability, at no cost to you.

Really, At No Cost?

Yes! As part of our mission to constantly innovate and deliver best-in-class technology, we’ll migrate to the TTS functionality and eventually sunset our human voice feature.

We believe advancements in TTS technology have reached the point where it’s just as good as (sometimes even better than) a human. Migrating to TTS will allow for greater flexibility, scalability, and quicker turnaround for voice-related changes and new deployments.


Choose Your Voice

With TTS, you have the power to select a voice that best resonates with your brand. Click the 'play' icon on each persona to hear a short snippet.

Ready to start?

Simply click the ‘Get Started’ button and complete the short form with the new voice you want. That’s it! Your CSM will follow up with a timeline for your migration.


The human voice is fine; Why would we want to make this change?
Change can be hard, but this one isn’t – we’ll be handling the migration in its entirety. There’s nothing you have to do except choose the voice you want!
Will this disrupt our application?
There will be no disruption to your application, as the time to transfer to TTS is minimal. We are happy to work with you on release timing, if you prefer to release the update after-hours or during a time of low volume.
We use voice recordings provided by SmartAction for other IVR applications. What should we do?
If you can provide a script to your CS manager, we will provide recordings using the new voice you select.
We have our own in-house talent. How will this impact us?
If you have in-house talent voicing your application, you can keep it! For dynamic responses generated by the virtual agent, we recommend you select a TTS voice that best matches your voice talent.

Have more questions?

Reach out to your CSM for additional voice options and more information.


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